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Gippsland pest management has you covered from top to bottom, treating pests and infestations found in your home or business.

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We Service all areas in Mornington Peninsula, Western Port Bay, Gippsland, East Gippsland & Cardinia Shire.


Fully Licensed

Gippsland Pest Management prides ourselves on offering exceptional customer service to all of our clients.


Gippsland Pest Management will also be available to Commercial site employees on a 24/7 basis to provide advice on any pest issues or to attend site should any emergencies arise.

Site Reporting

In accordance with clause 4.14.4 of the 2015 BRC Global standard for food safety Gippsland Pest Management will provide a written report on the day of inspection/treatment, outlining date of inspection/treatment, name of chemical used, Quantity used, dilution rate, Batch No., location where the chemical was used and the technician applying the chemical. At each visit we will also provide a pest activity trending report. Any pest proofing or hygiene recommendations that are made for the site will be recorded in the site logbook.


Domestic and Commercial pest management solutions are available to suit your needs, learn about what we have to offer!

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